HSC Notes

9.2 — Pro­duc­tion of Materials Down­load PDF (476kB)
9.3 — The Acidic Environment Down­load PDF (256kB)
9.4 — Chem­ical Mon­it­or­ing and Management Down­load PDF (436kB)
Water Research Assignment

Down­load PDF (92kB)

We we’re asked to pre­pare a 15-mark quiz with multiple-choice and exten­ded response ques­tions for each Chem­istry topic to help us revise the dot-points. The ques­tions and answers are include below.

9.2 — Pro­duc­tion of Mater­i­als Quiz Down­load PDF (52kB) The Care­taker ipod
9.4 — Chem­ical Mon­it­or­ing and Man­age­ment Quiz Down­load PDF (36kB)
9.6 — Ship­wrecks Quiz Down­load PDF (36kB)
Topic 1 — The Global Economy Down­load PDF (26kB)
Topic 2 — Australia’s Place in the Global Economy Down­load PDF (34kB)
Topic 3 — Eco­nomic Issues Down­load PDF (42kB)
Topic 4 — Object­ives of Eco­nomic Policies Down­load PDF (27kB)
Monster’s Ball dvd
Exchange Rates Essay Down­load PDF (45kB)
Glob­al­isa­tion Essay Down­load PDF (49kB)
Glob­al­isa­tion Essay Down­load PDF (18kB)
Glob­al­isa­tion Case Study: South Korea Down­load PDF (48kB)
Mac­roe­co­nomic Reform Policies Essay Down­load PDF (48kB)
Microe­co­nomic Reform Policies Essay Down­load PDF (46kB) High School Musical film
Eng­lish Paper 1 — Sec­tion III — Gen­eric Change Response (Skrzy­necki Poems) Down­load PDF (68kB)
Eng­lish Paper 2 — Mod­ule A — Gen­eric Trans­form­a­tions Response (Hamlet/Ros and Guil) Down­load PDF (14kB)
Eng­lish Paper 2 — Mod­ule C — Gen­eric Power­play Response (Nine­teen Eighty-Four) Down­load PDF (14kB)
Core Topic Sum­mary + Quanta to Quarks Elective Down­load PDF (304kB)


  • hey kewpid, these resources (espe­cially the james ruse maths exams!) are really valu­able.. thankyou very much, greatly appre­ci­ated :)

  • thankyou VERY much =)

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    Just like to say thank you for this site, it really helps you pre­pare for the HSC!
    Good on you for spend­ing the time to do this for others!

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  • Thanks Daniel great site very help­ful for chem­istry. Do you have any stuff on Phys­ical Jour­ney for English

  • hey mate, awe­some notes, the ruse papers are really use­ful, can u poss get some more phys trial papers on this site and if u can find 2004 edi­tions as well.
    thanks alot mate.

  • thanks heaps, this is great mate, its real help­ful, dun worri im not gon depend too much on your notes, but hey a ques­tion — why are you dis­playin them? anways its real nice of you, thanx agen mate=) props to you

  • gday kewpid, well done on the site and all the notes mate! it helps heaps for study­ing for tri­als. its good to see some ppl get­tin there stuff on the net to help us! neway thnx heaps mate!

  • i was look­ing up stuff on power­play and happened to come by the site… just wanna say ur work here is greatly appre­ci­ated ta… cyaz

  • Hey brutha, past exams and notes are excel­lent, cheers for your help lad

  • Word brother word, thank you very much for the excel­lent eco­nom­ics notes, they have been a real life saver for me. I hope you’re enjoy­ing your uni­ver­sity courses, and hope you don’t mind frat­ern­ising with the enemy and help­ing out a non-ruse student.

  • Ok, that is really weird. I am not Woody, and have no idea who that is, but we left a mes­sage 5 minutes apart and in a very sim­ilar way. How odd.

    Thanks again.

  • Hey i don’t know you, but thankyou heaps, i mean it! i did advanced when i should have done stand­ard, and power­play has been my hard­est topic so to have some guid­ance really means the world. if only there were more nice blokes like you in the world:) Bianca

  • Hey i don’t know you, but thankyou heaps, i mean it! i did advanced when i should have done stand­ard, and power­play has been my hard­est topic so to have some guid­ance really means the world. if only there were more nice blokes like you in the world:) Bianca

  • hahaha sorry i pos­ted that mes­sage twice! blonde moment

  • hey kewpid, thanks heaps for the notes and exams mate! Much appre­ci­ated. Could you pos­sibly post up that water research assign­ment for chem mod­ule 3??

  • I pos­ted up that Water Research Assign­ment in case any­one else wanted it.


  • You’re a legend.

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    Thanks for the resources. But do you have a chem­istry sum­mary for ship­wrecks? If you do, could you add it to the resources.
    But any­way, GREAT RESOURCES. I needed more than the past hsc papers, and I didn’t really have access to other schools so yeah, THANKS..

  • Hey thanks so much. I can never make my eco­nom­ics notes very simple.….…. and you have. I also can never get past papers from other schools, since i live in the coun­try, and this site has allowed me to do so. Thanks heaps. Good luck to every body else doing their hsc.

  • Miran (YR 12 2005) from carling­ford high school says thank you very much


  • Ur phys­ics notes are excel­lent, how much u score in phys­ics 4r da HSC ?
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  • Well I was amazed when first time vis­ited to this web­site. Well­done and thank you for your notes

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  • Hey thanks for all the help… I do syl­labus sum­mary too and most of the time I com­pare dif­fer­ent notes… your notes helped me a lot thank you~~“‘
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  • Thanks for pla­cing all these notes; it’s really help­ing me for Chem­istry and Physics!

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    [HSC 07-ruse]

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  • thanks heaps! the resources are excel­lent. thanks for being so altruistic.

  • legend mate, but wished u had ship­wrecks notes too!

  • Thanks so much for these notes — they’re really con­cise! It’s nice of you to put them up =)

  • yo post ur cre­at­ive writ­ing as well

  • Hey Dan,
    thanks heaps for your gen­er­os­ity! if only there were other genu­inely nice and gen­er­ous ruse people around!
    i really applaud the time and effort you have put in to help those yet to do the ever daunt­ing HSC– sleep soundly at night know­ing that youve helped so many people, myself included :)

    Once again, thankYOU buddy (Y)

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    Lifesaver is an under­state­ment.
    The resources are rare and price­less beo­fre an import­ant exam.

  • can u plz put up quiz for acidic environment

  • quote: “thanks heaps for your gen­er­os­ity! if only there were other genu­inely nice and gen­er­ous ruse people around!”

    i beg to dif­fer, all ruse people are genu­inely nice and gen­er­ous, most of us just don’t do our notes in typ­ing hence the lack of them float­ing around online.

    plus, there’s a really good site called ‘craville stud­ies’ hanging around online some­where ppl can go do.

    and i have now inferred that who­ever owns this site was an ex-rusian — what year? well if i knew who you were i’ll say hi. obvi­ously you left the school after 2001 since that’s when the syl­labus changed…

  • Wow these notes are awesome^^

    Love the phys­ics notes, thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you so much, you really are a lifesaver Dan Nguyen, wouldn’t have been able to fin­ish my water assign­ment without you! You are the best!

  • You have saved my HSC.

  • thanks so much for all ur effort in writ­tin the chem and ros and guild notes SOO fab


  • the sec­tion “describe the dif­fer­ing social and polit­ical views of Planck and Ein­stein” is not in ur notes, if any­one using this site knows what they are and can ref­er­ence it to reli­able sources can they like post them up? because it hasn’t been done in any past hsc hence there is a really high prob­ab­il­ity of this ques­tion being in there, also, the fact that this is a big ques­tion means its prob gonna be a seven marker –_-”

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    best notes any­one could ever get their hands on!

  • hey mate, thankx heaps for put­ting all this stuff up. really appre­ci­ate all your hard work and effort you have put in = ] ~ ~ ~ u will be rewar­ded for your kind­ness one day*)

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  • Hey thanks alot for these notes. but i was won­der­ing could u PLZ PLZ put some BIO DOTPOINTS UP!! PLZ!!!!!!!!!!Thanks

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  • this web­sites notes are bad.
    they are vague my hsc marker teacher said they arent cor­rect. dont use them

  • this web­sites notes are bad.
    they are vague, my hsc marker teacher said they arent cor­rect. dont use them!!

  • which notes? if its phys­ics its still bet­ter wat my teacher gives us.….

  • An act of kind­ness reaps the warmth of the Sun.

  • This is an excel­lent effort. Thanx for shar­ing you resources with other students.This will really be of great help to all. The inform­a­tion is accur­ate and very informative.

  • To the writer of May 17
    All good text books should have this about Ein­stein and Planck. check­out the Macquarie revi­sion guide or Jacaranda Physics

  • notes are very incomplete

  • Thankx bro!

  • ur a legend mate
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    sexy notes espe­cially phys­ics
    im not gonna fail it now haha…

    hsc phys­ics trails — 36%!
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  • im in pre­lim and wheni looked at these notes gave me such a over­view and head­start

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  • hi, i need pre­lim nots if you have any.

  • for phys­ics, eco­nom­ics, bio­logy, math­em­at­ics, ext. maths, SOR 1 unit and stand­ard english.

    if u can get any that would help. thanks

  • Thanx for being so gen­er­ous.. they’re very useful.

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  • Your a legend! I just wish you did engin­eer­ing stud­ies as well! Then you would have done all my sub­jects, so thanks alot they are a great help, keep up the good work!

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    phys­ics, ext 1. maths, maths, eco­nom­ics, bio­logy, stand­ard eng­lish, SoR 1 unit,

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  • hey, great notes.
    Won­der­ing if you had any bio­logy notes?
    Or if you knew of any­one that has?
    Itll be great (:
    Thankss loads champ


  • Um, sorry to be a bother lol but i just saw this comment

    August 16th, 2009 at 1:29 pm
    omg.. tri­als tumorro ty fa tha bio stuff :]”

    umm.. lol where are the bio notes .. ?? Coz i raded this site and found noth­ing Lol, help ?

  • haha, thx for you notes, unfor­tu­n­tely u don’t busi­ness, oth­er­wise another free valu­able note

  • Very nice notes and short prac­tise exams. Chem­istry is summed up nicely and is concise.

  • Thank you so much for these great notes, you efforts are very much appreciated

  • wow.. you sir a kind, gen­er­ous and lov­ing per­son…
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  • dude you shouldn’t be giv­ing these notes and Ruse past papers to all these noobs, if they really want to suc­ceed in life and the HSC they should just make their own notes that way they actu­ally would have to get off their lazy asses and do some real study­ing instead of what ever else their wast­ing their time on !

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  • Oh and THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH for your help man! Great notes and great quizzes. We owe you mate =D

  • http://www.hscguide.net

  • wow your essays (eco­nom­ics) are really good!
    but no agri­cul­ture :(

  • thanks your chem stuff is awe­some :)

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  • i swear just dis­able stu­pid com­ments page or at least put a fil­ter on this. as a side note, ruse guy way above is right on one case: make your own notes. Using these notes are fine but to be bet­ter use them and other sources to cre­ate your own UB3R notes. Prac­tice explain­ing stuff in your own words.

    Tee­hee he sounds like an 11yr old, raging as if this is another game.

    your notes will help me in mak­ing my own : )
    thanks a heap :D

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    Good on you

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    Hey kewpid! You wouldn’t by any chance have any bio notes? I’m ask­ing cause you had bio exam papers up, that’s all. Oth­er­wise, Thanks so much…if only oth­ers were this helpful! =)

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    Hahaha, i just read some of the com­ments on here and had a brain wave.

    Um ruse guy…if u r so fussed about shar­ing stuff, and using other people’s resources, and that u’ve got a 99.95 atar in the bag because you go to james ruse…

    what the fuck are you doing on this site?

    Using other people’s things are you? Util­ising what kewpid uploaded out of the good­ness of his heart?

    If i were you…i would shut up, use the things, and deflate my head…

  • http://www.hscguide.net for more great resources!

  • hey you ruse kids shut your faces or ill per­son­ally come and smash you myself. i know heaps of ruse kids and not all of them are like you so stop ruin­ing your schools image.

    and at the maker of these notes…thank you so much i really appre­ci­ate it :)

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    Per­fect :)

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    i also found SO MANY on tztutoring.org it is sim­ilar to bored of stud­ies site and has so many free notes!!! i can’ believe they uploaded them all wooo!!!

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    sorry guys, i really didn’t know what i was talk­ing about, and i just wanted to apo­lo­gise to all for insult­ing your intel­li­gences.
    Thank you kewpid for help­ing us all out, even me.

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    James Ruse guy pull your head in, every­one that reads this (includ­ing me) will prob­ably from then on have a changed opin­ion on your school!!

    Arrog­ant prick!

  • Lol dont judge a school by one guy, James Ruse ppl are bril­liant ppl cause i know a few. Any­ways good essays and any addi­tional notes are always help to writ­ing my own notes so thanks. Good luck every­one for your tri­als and HSC this year!

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    Prob­ably fews are out­dated but we all know that mate~ THANKS!

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  • Hi my name is lawrence. I would like to ask you if you could tell me how to cul­tiv­ate duh rice patty for my rice farm. you went to duh jame ruse didnt you? please help. xx

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    could you please email me bio yr 12 notes and ipt yr 12 notes. my email is funinternet@hotmail.com


  • Hey guys,

    Just let­ting you know that a new site has recently come out called Noteslap where stu­dents can down­load resources, share notes, com­ment, like/dislike and fol­low each other. Check it out — it’s got notes/past papers for a lot of the sub­jects your after and the notes are increas­ing daily :)


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    Good luck with your studies

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  • In regards to the eco­nomic notes and essay’s, namely the essay regard­ing glob­al­isa­tion, how recent are the fig­ures you are quot­ing as I gather you fin­ished school a few years ago… If any­one read­ing this com­ment could help, or Daniel. Thanks

  • bert

  • To the owner of this website:

    dude you shouldn’t be giv­ing these notes and Ruse past papers to all these noobs, if they really want to suc­ceed in life and the HSC they should just make their own notes that way they actu­ally would have to get off their lazy asses and do some real study­ing instead of what ever else their wast­ing their time on !
    why are you help­ing out these stu­pid dum­basses from crap schools who deserve to fail cause they are lazy ignor­ant losers who have no real intel­li­gence whatsoever??

  • dude you shouldn’t be giv­ing these notes and Ruse past papers to all these noobs, if they really want to suc­ceed in life and the HSC they should just make their own notes that way they actu­ally would have to get off their lazy asses and do some real study­ing instead of what ever else their wast­ing their time on !
    why are you help­ing out these stu­pid dum­basses from crap schools who deserve to fail cause they are lazy ignor­ant losers who have no real intel­li­gence whatsoever??

  • your bloddy per­fect. enough said. :O

  • lol cur­rent ruse stud, you gigantic big­oted obnox­ious faggot

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    and @Ed Li :
    why are you being such as asshole ? and how dare you call every­one losers when you dont even know them ? Maybe they’re not tying to copy the whole thing. Maybe some of us are just try­ing to add extra info to their own notes.
    “why are you help­ing out these stu­pid dum­basses from crap schools who deserve to fail cause they are lazy ignor­ant losers who have no real intel­li­gence what­so­ever??”- and wow ser­i­ously ? You are so rude. I dont even want to waste my time telling off someone like you. you need a life. Please go get one :)
    And to the owner of this site — Thank you again !
    oh and Ed, I bet you are using these notes now.

  • hey, i just wanted to say why are you going crazy with the pub­lish­ment of his notes and papers. its his per­sonal choice of reveal­ing his notes. remem­ber its a good deed to help oth­ers, even if its so small. you know that it isn’t the only web­site that provides james ruse papers online there are a couple, its actu­ally viral and can be accessed about any­where. just because people may not go to ‘james ruse’ does not make them any less intel­li­gent.
    and to the owner of this site– thank you

  • Hey denial, Thanks for your help; con­trib­ut­ing to help oth­ers is a great thing. Thus I have also cre­ated my own site that I will be pub­lish band 6 notes for all my sub­jects for future stu­dents to use to get high atars, I have gained 99.95 with 100th in Umat. I am set for all inter­views across Aus­tralia for medicine.

    I obtained 100 for bother maths ext1/2 state rank­ings
    99 for Biology/Chemistry. State rank­ings
    98 for Eng­lish 5 in State
    95 for Physics

    Just by using you notes to cre­ate my own, this sim­plis­ity of your notes are great.

    So to all of you, simple cre­ate you own notes using these, trust me you will get state rankings.

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    And to who­ever that’s read­ing this com­ment: treas­ure this site and thank the man who cre­ated this.

    Thank you Daniel, although you prob­ably wouldn’t be able to see this, but hope you all the best with everything for the rest of your life. <3

    words can­not express my gratitude :’)





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